COVID19 Testing

Testing for COVID19 - coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Please read the following testing information in detail - you will find all the answers to your questions below. All laboratory staff are fully occupied with sample processing and kit production and do not have the opportunity to be available online by phone - thank you for your understanding.

Where is it tested?

Testing takes place only for pre-ordered persons at a pre-determined time in the yard in front of the Elisabeth Pharmacon building at Rokycanova 4437/5, Brno - Židenice. Clients are reminded that the public is not allowed to enter the Elisabeth Pharmacon building during a coronary pandemic.

Is Elisabeth Pharmacon allowed to test for coronaviruses?

Yes, Elisabeth Pharmacon Laboratories are officially approved by the State Institute of Public Health (SZU) and are on the list of laboratories that may test for coronaviruses:

At the same time, Elisabeth Pharmacon's laboratories have a permit from the Regional Hygiene Station to operate a sampling point. The results of coronavirus testing are, of course, subject to reporting the results to the IHIS and the regional hygienic station.

What test is this?

ELISABETH PHARMACON laboratories perform only DNA tests for coronaviruses (PCR tests). This DNA test detects whether a person is secreting viruses from the airways at the time of collection. A DNA test does not find out if a person was infectious, for example, a month ago. People infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 are known to be able to excrete the virus for up to weeks after infection. The excretion of viruses in the airways may be intermittent, ie. one day negative, another two days positive, another day negative, etc. If the infection is suspected, when the DNA result from the first examination is negative, it is recommended to perform another examination 48 hours or later. We do not perform antibody testing. We don't even supply quick blood tests.

How accurate is the test?

DNA diagnostics is the most accurate technology for virus identification in clinical material. For testing, we use a kit developed by our laboratories and sold worldwide. The kits are CE certified and belong to the most sensitive methodologies used in the Czech Republic. We are able to detect tens of viruses in the sample. Generally in the case of positivity, there are thousands to millions of viruses in the samples.

What result will I get and when?

In case of a negative result, a laboratory report will be sent to you by e-mail. The laboratory report states the day of collection and a negative result applies for this day. Negative results from morning sampling are usually sent the same day in the evening. The results from the afternoon samples are usually sent the next day by about 1.30 pm. The positive result is communicated by the relevant regional hygiene stationand also send on your email address. We communicate the results within 24 hours.

You can download the certificate with the QR code and the logo of the EU issuing country at Morning sampling on the same day after 8:00 p.m., afternoon sampling on the next working day 60 minutes after the announcement of the result.

This laboratory report automatically also contains a form issued by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic: 

- In Czech, English and Russian language variant
- In addition the Austrian form ANLAGE C valid from 15.10.2020 in German
- In addition the Greek version of the form for the Hellenic Republic in the Czech and English language variant

- In addition the Japan version of the form in Japan and English language variant

The doctor of the regional hygiene station will inform you of the positive results by telephone and will agree with you on the next procedure. You can print laboratory reports and use them, for example, with your doctor, employer or to document for crossing borders (the completed form with the result is part of the report).

Who can be tested?

The tests are intended for self-payers, ie people who pay for the test themselves. If you are interested in testing children and adolescents under the age of eighteen, they should be accompanied by an adult.

We are testing children from 6 months old.

How much does the test cost and how can it be paid for?

The price of one DNA examination from a nasopharyngeal swab is 614 CZK incl. and includes performing the test (RNA isolation, reverse transcription, PCR) and sending the result by e-mail. The price for sampling in the sampling center is CZK 200 according to the point evaluation from the current List of Medical Services issued by VZP. The total price for taking and performing the test is 814 CZK incl. VAT. Tests must be paid for when ordering via the Internet in advance - only by card. Due to the complexity of the organization of the work of the collection point during the collection itself, cash payments and card payments would be very delaying, there would be a risk of contamination of the terminal, etc.

We do not currently perform tests indicated by a doctor covered by a health insurance company.

Who does the collection and in what way?

The smears are performed exclusively by the medical staff of the Elisabeth Pharmacon Laboratory. The smears are not performed by the clients themselves. In order to perform the test, it is necessary for the test person to come to the collection site. There is no need to worry about smears. Swabs are performed with disposable swabs from the nose and pharynx in such a way that the whole swab is painless and fast. At collection, healthcare professionals are dressed in protective suits with masks and respirators. During the collection, the data from the order are checked, the birth number is added and a smear is performed. The whole process takes a maximum of 3 minutes. We ask clients to come to the collection really exactly on time with an accuracy of minutes - that is, not to go sooner or later, so that there is no accumulation of people at the collection point. The exact time of collection with an accuracy of minutes is given in the e-mail to confirm the order. This time is generated automatically by the system and assigns each test person free time in the time range you have chosen.

How can I order?

The individual boxes below on this website list the dates, hours of collection and the number of remaining capacities for tests for a given date. Please choose a suitable date and time for you in the given box and click on "order" next to this box. Then enter all the data correctly. Now it is possible to enter the number of the travel document (PASSPORT) as an optional data - these data will be part of the laboratory report. If you want to order more people or you want to order again in advance for a later day, click on "continue shopping", select the box with the appropriate date and time, click on "order" and write down the details for the next person tested. Once you've ordered all the people, click "go to cart." Check the order, which has the names of the people ordered for testing and the selected test date for each person. The final price for performing the tests is also given here. At this stage, you can edit the order. If the order is correct, click on "create order". Next, fill in the order details and click on "method of payment and delivery". Please note that card payment is the only option for speed and automation. Follow the instructions. After payment, you will receive two e-mail messages: 1. confirmation of payment and 2. confirmation of the order. In the text of the order confirmation message, you have a list of people ordered for testing, as well as collection dates and the allotted time to perform the collection. We hereby ask that the ordered persons arrive at the address Elisabeth Pharmacon, Rokycanova 4437/5, Brno - Židenice exactly at the given time with an accuracy of minutes. The system automatically assigns time to each ordered person in the time range you have chosen for the date. We are primarily concerned with your safety. By arriving at the address exactly, you will avoid unnecessary meetings with other people.

Before you take the test:

you must not eat, drink, smoke, chew gum or rinse your mouth with water for at least an hour before sampling. You should not brush your teeth or use mouthwash for at least an hour before collection.

Notice - order cancellation is possible up to 30 hours before the testing date with a handling cancellation fee of CZK 300/person only at the email address After this time, the order cannot be canceled and your money refunded.

Money for a canceled order, or after deducting the cancellation, we immediately return part of them to the payment card used to pay for the order.

In case of questions, changes in the testing date, please write to us at and we will answer you as soon as possible.

In urgent cases, problems with ordering, call only the phone number: +420 777 729 701.