Laboratory operation resumed in full extent

From 15.6.2020 we perform all examinations and the ban on entering the company's building is lifted. It is possible to order by phone for a comprehensive examination of urinary tract infections, HPV examinations, blood samples for the examination of antibodies against borreliosis, cancer markers and other immunological tests. Paternity and genetic tests can be ordered. Throughout the year, we will have continuous deadlines for coronavirus subscriptions, which you can still order through the automatic ordering system.

We strongly warn clients that at the time of taking coronavirus samples and 30 minutes before and after the samples, it is forbidden to enter the courtyard before the entrance to the building, and thus to the building itself. If you are going to deliver the sample in person, first find out if coronavirus sampling is not taking place at that time. You can find the dates of donations for coronaviruses, when it is not possible to enter the company's premises, in the link below - Testing for COVID19.